New Lease of Life

Crafted from the life and work of Gunnar V. Espedal, who has personally treated over 100,000 people, ‘New Lease of Life’ empowers readers to embrace the holistic healing powers of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun and faith. Proof that the age-old methods will always prevail, Espedal’s ground-breaking discoveries have previously brought the dead back to life, and given sight to the blind.

Increase your energy levels

The secret is in the living, restructured water which carries more oxygen into all your cells, boosting your energy levels with its freshness like the best quality spring water.

Ideal weight without dieting

Many chronic diseases result in too much acidity – metabolic acidosis. The good news is that restructured,vitalized water has the ability to remove acid waste, neutralize free radicals and balance your body’s metabolism.

New ways to detoxify

The purified and restructured water acts like an anti-oxidant passing, cleansing the cells as these cells are able to absorb the water molecules faster and more efficiently. You will feel the difference.


Are you ready to unshackle your chains?

A happy and a joyful heart is perhaps the greatest and most vital building block for great health, wellness and longevity. Guarding your heart and therefore your thoughts is a choice you have every day. If you harbour resentment,
unforgiveness, anger or bitterness your body will be in a constant stressful stage and this will
be reflected on a cellular level. A gradual build-up of acidity, free radicals, stress hormones results
in lack of energy, more tension, sleep disturbance, and weakening of the immune
system.  Inflammation and infections will follow, leading to further imbalance. Disease is the end
result. “For as a man thinketh in his heart, he will become” (Proverb 23.7).
Heal body, mind and soul

In this book you will learn how to reclaim your natural vitality, regain your health and escape the sickness industry

Faster healing processes

Read all about new break-through discoveries in anti-aging and rejuvenation medicine through restructured water and ionized air

The power of herbs

Discover how to unshackle your chains,enjoy your freedom and become healed with herbs and simple changes in your diet

Better health and wellness
Build strong bones and muscles naturally, improve cardio-vascular function, stamina and athletic performance

You have probably heard that prevention is easier than finding a cure or that a stitch in time saves nine? So it is with our health and wellness too. A smile and a hello to somebody unknown and you may have created a turn-around in somebody`s life, creating a cascade of happy hormones for the both of you! Wellness interaction on a spontaneous level, just as our kids do every day. Homo Ludens: I dare you to be a little different today, a little playful. A smile. A compliment. A joyful response. You are serving yourself and a fellow human being, a Homo Ludens. What day is it ? It is today. Carpe diem – seize the day!

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