GunnarGunnar V Espedal is an award winning physiotherapist and naturopath, qualified to practice acupuncture, reflexology, Bowen therapy, energy medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, cranial-sacral therapy. He is a holistic medicine researcher and lecturer, trainer, inventor, writer and entrepreneur.

Gunnar loves nature and all creatures great and small. A wise old man who is pulling out old and new advice from his heart to share with his patients with warmth and humour.
Known to cure the incurable, he has attended and successfully treated more than 100,000 patients all over the world spanning almost 50 years.
Still with a zest of life, he is a marathon runner and cyclist, training every day with joy and gratitude and eagerly looking forward to run his first marathon with one of his grandchildren. Being a Father to 7 sporty children, there is a fair chance of seeing him crossing the finishing line in London Marathon 15 years down the road with one or more of his grandchildren!
When approaching an age where most people prepare for retirement, serendipity intervened: His new book THE NEW LEASE OF LIFE is finally here after long periods of procrastination. Always teaching holistic health principles and self responsibility, this book is a blueprint for getting well and staying healthy in a world of many deceitful and lying advice from health authorities.
It is time to unshackle your chains, come out in freedom and enjoy life !
This is what editors and critics have said about the book:

New Lease of Life contains vital information concerning the health benefits of alkaline ionized water, ionizing air purification, and so much more.  Having been in the air purification and alkaline ionized water purification field for over 25 years, we found the book highly informative and an eye opening look into the importance and beneficial rewards of incorporating pure healthy water and air into our lives.

– Keith Jones & Carey Jones, Author, Vollara Presidential Directors


This is the wake-up call the world so desperately needs and has been waiting for,-true hard facts, true wisdom, combined with infinite love of life itself.

NEW LEASE OF LIFE is the ultimate “must read”. It is an encyclopedia of vital-to-life information that will change the lives of all who journey through these wonderful pages and in due course of every living creature on this beautiful blue dot we have the God-given privilege to call home.

NEW LEASE OF LIFE is highly informative, warm and sensitive. It draws you in and captivates you completely. You do not want the story to  end .You know you are changed and inspired. 

In essence NEW LEASE OF LIFE is an intelligent work of art that speaks the universal language that all will understand. Our cells turn towards the wisdom and love within its pages as sunflowers turn their faces to the sun;it is an entirely natural process.

Susannah King.Natural medicine  specialist and former secretary of P.M. H.Wilson, UK

At the end of the writing of NEW LEASE OF LIFE, serendipity intervened. Gunnar and his brother managed to invent and construct a whole new water generator which purifies and restructures tap water, giving it an incredibly good taste, proving to be of best spring-water quality, tested in a Swiss laboratorium. Without use of electricity, battery or filter. Frequency resonance technology. For humans, animals and plants with very unique properties. New energy for all creatures great and small! An innovative sensation, an investor claimed it to be. Pure Norwegian Future. Read more about that here:
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