Tickled Pink A sweet old elderly lady once came to my clinic, clearly in a lot of pain as she hobbled, wheezing and out of breath. She told me about

Detoxing Your Body – Part 2 Have you ever thought about water as a great aid in your daily detoxification program? No, I am not talking about ordinary tap water

Detoxing Your Body In a world of pollution from air, food, water and other sources, it is crucial that we detoxify regularly, once or twice a year. What is the purpose

“Serendipity favours the prepared mind”. I first heard this from the late Dr. John R Lee, MD, my teacher and friend, who played basketball with our kids in the garden. The humble

As I was riding my racing bike to the Victory Clinic in the park by the river today I was reminded that this Sunday, 8th of May is very significant to all Norwegians.It is the day the Germans surrended and we became again a free nation after 5 years of occupation.