Poetry in Motion, a story of happiness. In the eighties, I completed a string of London marathons, and on one of these occasions I had an appointment to be interviewed

Quo vadis domino? (Where do you go?) According to an ancient proverb: “we are brought up to a point of choice until we chose correctly ourselves.” In the case of

How to embrace change and welcome a new beginning. I have just come back from my morning run in my favorite park. It was easy to see we had a

Journey of a Lifetime – Review by Susie King New Lease of Life is a book that the world has been waiting for – the reading of it is akin

Mike Adams has just released a new book called Food Forensic, a very important book of extensive research into toxins like polysorbate 80, MSG, sodium nitrite, pesticides and weed killers

The Curative Powers of Water – Part 2 This blog is part of a series. If you missed part 1, it’s HERE  Poisons in our drinking water. When the abysmal

 Review of New Lease of Life – by Gunnar Espedal Quiz time? Question: what do Sir Richard Branson, Albert Schweitzer, Leeds United Football Club, Bolton Abbey, Nebuchadnezzar, Mae West, God

  The Curative Powers of Water – Part 1 Over the centuries man has wrestled to unravel the mysteries of water. It is clearly the most magnificent element in life,

Thyroid, the Queen of the Hormone Glands One of my patients, I will call her Anita, came to our clinic the other day and told her story of how she

Love is in the Air Does music inspire you? To move, dance and sing along? When challenged to write about air pollution “Love is in the air” popped into my