How to Regain Health and Increase Your Energy by Using the NO 1 Driving Force in Nature: WATER!  Water is the driving force of all nature, according to Leonardo de

10 Natural ways to increase your energy and heal your thyroid gland. In a song, “Mothers little helper”(Rolling Stones 1965) there are some lines which fits with the theme of

What is Pain and How To Get Rid of It? Look For the Cause. Pain is a signal from the body telling us something is wrong. Like a red traffic

THE GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH. Cleopatra’s timeless secrets of health and wellness… You cannot take good health for granted and I am talking about your whole health as in body,

Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Taller and Stronger) Olympic Games in Rio Every athlete knows that proper hydration and restitution is very important to perform at optimum levels. As little as

How thoughts and your choice of words can alter your brain A well known  Norwegian children’s song the line “Be careful what you hear little ear, what you see little

ENERGY-INVENTIONS-MIRACLES Nikola Tesla. the famous and eccentric inventor, is quoted as saying: If you want to find the secret to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.


AN ADVENTUROUS NEW LEASE OF LIFE. Just a little recap from my last blog: The seven keys of happy changes: 1. Plan and play 2. Embrace small chunk changes. 3.

A NEW LEASE OF LIFE  7 joyful and effective ways to change for a better and healthier lifestyle. Wise old Aristotle put it this way: We are what we repeatedly