The Curative Powers of Water – Part 2 This blog is part of a series. If you missed part 1, it’s HERE  Poisons in our drinking water. When the abysmal

  The Curative Powers of Water – Part 1 Over the centuries man has wrestled to unravel the mysteries of water. It is clearly the most magnificent element in life,

Thyroid, the Queen of the Hormone Glands One of my patients, I will call her Anita, came to our clinic the other day and told her story of how she

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DADDY LIONS (Dandelions)   Today I received a little note from the other side of our blue planet (yes, it does appear blue from outer space) about a mother who

How to Regain Health and Increase Your Energy by Using the NO 1 Driving Force in Nature: WATER!  Water is the driving force of all nature, according to Leonardo de

10 Natural ways to increase your energy and heal your thyroid gland. In a song, “Mothers little helper”(Rolling Stones 1965) there are some lines which fits with the theme of

THE GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH. Cleopatra’s timeless secrets of health and wellness… You cannot take good health for granted and I am talking about your whole health as in body,