1. What is the Pure Norwegian Future E-2 Resonator?

The Pure Norwegian Future E-2 resonator is a simple to install device that changes your existing chemically treated tap water into pure water. Fitted to your cold water pipe, the unit provides healthy, fresh tasting pure water that not only tastes better, it has proven health benefits too.

2. Is the water safe for children to drink?

Yes. Your whole family, including your pets can enjoy pure water. Pure water has none of the nasty chemicals that are normally found in tap water.

3. Where can the water resonator be installed?

The E-2 device can be installed in homes, offices, gardens, wineries, restaurants, breweries and coffee houses as well as on farms and provide pure water for swimming pools.

4. How do I install the unit?

The frequency resonator unit is installed on the cold water pipe which is usually under your sink. Watch the installation video and see how easy it is.

5. Is any maintenance required?

The Pure Norwegian E-2 resonator is maintenance-free. There’s no electricity or batteries needed to operate the unit and no filters to change. There’s no noise and no harmful emissions – just 100% environmentally friendly.

6. How does the unit work?

Slowly moving and clustered molecules need to be broken up into smaller ones so that they can slip more easily into the cell membrane.

Water molecules and their structure can be changed by electro-magnetic energy and this is the origin for the creation of  Pure Energy Norway E-2.

When you attach the unit on the outside of your cold water pipe, the clustered water molecules start breaking up into smaller, faster moving, hexagonal water molecules. They slip more easily through the cell membrane without wasted energy expenditure.

7. What are the  dimensions of the E-2 Water Generator?

The E-2 unit is 2.5cm x 2.2cm x 5.2cm and weighs just 234 grams.

8. Which countries do you ship to?

The unit can be shipped world-wide.

9. How much is postage?

Prices for postage are based on three pricing bands depending on your location – within Norway, within Europe or outside of Europe. Please visit Posten for more information about the cost for delivery.

Instead of charging an upfront, set delivery price, we calculate postage at the time of shipping. That way you only pay for delivery to your location.

If you have any questions, please send us an email.