New Lease of Life

New Lease of Life: Life-Changing Book Explores Water’s Timeless Ability to Heal the Body, Mind & Soul

Crafted from the life and work of Gunnar V. Espedal, who has personally treated over 100,000 people, ‘New Lease of Life’ empowers readers to embrace the holistic healing powers of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun and faith. Proof that the age-old methods will always prevail, Espedal’s ground-breaking discoveries have previously brought the dead back to life, and given sight to the blind.


While it may sound like a ridiculously-bold claim, it’s true – Gunnar Espedal has used water, its frequencies and healing qualities to bring the dead back to life. In fact, using water and its associated therapeutic/healing qualities, Espedal has helped treat over 100,000 people worldwide.

Now for the first time, Espedal is compiling his methods and wisdom into a game-changing new book. ‘New Lease of Life’ is a fun and engrossing healing self-help guide that has readers utilizing and thriving using nothing but the world’s oldest and most abundant resource.

The book is about an original and unusual approach on the holistic prevention, care and cure for all disease, using time tested and scientifically proven methods in the fields of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun and faith.

The concepts are clearly laid out in an informative manner, drawing on the extensive experience of the author from diverse field such as Physiotherapy, training, nutrition, acupuncture, reflexology, Bowen therapy, electro-medicine etc.

“I want humanity to once again take responsibility for its vitality, and this book is geared towards helping people actually take tangible action,” explains the author, a regular contributor to Norwegian media. “Put quite simply, water is the mother matrix of all life, hence why it features hugely in this book. From healing wells to saunas, spas, dancing water molecules and even the London Eye – it all has a part to play in life and a boundless ability to heal. We even prove how regular chemical-laden tap water can be restored and the water molecules restructured with energy and oxygen, using a new water frequency generator invented by my brother and I.”

 “The target audience for this book is huge, spanning both those looking for immediate healing as well as those in good health who are interesting in maintaining their vitality and zest. To that end, there’s also no limit in the geographical catchment of this book. In fact, I’ve recently had it translated into French due to the huge demand from France and other countries using the language.”

 ‘New Lease of Life’ is available for pre-order on Amazon (Kindle Version).


This is the wake-up call the world so desperately needs and has been waiting for, true hard facts, true wisdom, combined with infinite love of life itself.

NEW LEASE OF LIFE is the ultimate “must read”. It is an encyclopedia of vital-to-life information that will change the lives of all who journey through these wonderful pages and in due course of every living creature on this beautiful blue dot we have the God-given privilege to call home.

NEW LEASE OF LIFE is highly informative, warm and sensitive. It draws you in and captivates you completely. You do not want the story to  end. You know you are changed and inspired. 

In essence NEW LEASE OF LIFE is an intelligent work of art that speaks the universal language that all will understand. Our cells turn towards the wisdom and love within its pages as sunflowers turn their faces to the sun; it is an entirely natural process.

(Susannah King.Natural medicine  specialist and former secretary of P.M. H.Wilson, UK)

I love what you have written.This is just the sort of book that I would choose to buy myself. NEW LEASE OF LIFE is very evocative and poignant and offer many insights and the education in this book should be taught in schools.

 (Stephanie Hale, Author, entrepreneur, Oxford Literary Consultancy)

This gem of a book is superbly written,the concepts are clear, concise and highly informative.I learned so much from reading NEW LEASE OF LIFE. I loved your writing style as your warmth and kindness come through your words which makes this a very special book. Gunnar is a talented writer who really manages to bring the subject of water to life with its captivating writing style and amusing anecdotes.

(Debbie Brunettin. Editor)

About the Author:

Gunnar Bluebox

Gunnar V Espedal is an award winning physiotherapist and naturopath, qualified to practice acupuncture, reflexology, Bowen therapy, energy medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, cranial-sacral therapy. He is a holistic medicine researcher and lecturer, trainer, inventor, writer and entrepreneur.

Gunnar loves nature and all creatures great and small. A wise old man who is pulling out old and new advice from his heart to share with his patients with warmth and humour.
Known to cure the incurable, he has attended and successfully treated more than 100,000 patients all over the world spanning almost 50 years.
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