THE GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH. Cleopatra’s timeless secrets of health and wellness… You cannot take good health for granted and I am talking about your whole health as in body,

AN ADVENTUROUS NEW LEASE OF LIFE. Just a little recap from my last blog: The seven keys of happy changes: 1. Plan and play 2. Embrace small chunk changes. 3.

Exercise and lifestyle. Some how’s and why’s.   If you are like Paul Terry, the animator of Mighty Mouse you may chime in on his famous saying: “Whenever I feel

Tour de Sante – Part 2 Good morning ‘GRATITUDE’ and ‘JOY’. Rise and shine! Morning had broken and God has painted the sky over the blue fjord shades of gorgeous

Peak Condition – Fit As A Fiddle Pt 3 In my last blog I told you about the sad story of Jim Fixx who died at the age of 52

H2OPE- Re-structured Vital Water Pure Norwegian Future is a new technology frequency resonance invention. Once connected to the cold water pipe it will, without filters,electricity or the use of batteries

H2OPE – Re-structured Vital Water In previous articles, I have written about some unusual and to most people unknown aspects of water and structured water in particular. As the secret

Peak Condition – Fit as a Fiddle Pt 2 “You’ve got to dance like there is nobody watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and

Peak Condition I must confess I quite like idioms and metaphors. “Fit as a fiddle” is a good one when somebody asks you “how are you?” The term fiddle typically

International Yoga Day The International Yoga Day is celebrated annually on 21st of June since its inception in 2015 by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and declared as such