Stress – the major cause of disease, and what to do about it. Internal and external stress at the cellular level causes imbalance in the neuro-energetic pathways and will, sooner

THE GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH. Cleopatra’s timeless secrets of health and wellness… You cannot take good health for granted and I am talking about your whole health as in body,

How thoughts and your choice of words can alter your brain A well known ¬†Norwegian children’s song the line “Be careful what you hear little ear, what you see little

Tour De Sante – Part 3 The Health Tour Juillet le mois des bisous – July, the month for kisses. Good morning, Joy and Gratitude! Expand your territory as you

Tour de Sante – Part 2 Good morning ‘GRATITUDE’ and ‘JOY’. Rise and shine! Morning had broken and God has painted the sky over the blue fjord shades of gorgeous

10 healthy evening habits of highly successful people. You have heard me quote Benjamin Franklin, a printer by trade, an inventor and scientist by fame and a man of action

Tour De Sante – A Health Tour If you are a cycling fan like me, you are probably engaged in Tour de France, the greatest sporting event on the planet.

10 Steps Towards Health and Wellness Health: The Greatest of Human Blessings Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine expressed his thoughts succinctly when he said: A wise man should consider

Tickled Pink РPart 2 Sitting outside in an old creaking rocking chair immersed in a wonderful world of  flowers, buzzing insects and watching the choppy waves on the steel