How to heal cavities, tooth decay and gum disease naturally As a holistic therapist it is not uncommon to encounter difficult cases where there seems to be a blockage of

Alzheimers:  A Toxicity Problem Alzheimer’s disease is a horrible disease that not only affects the one who is afflicted, but the whole family. It is now affecting 1 in 9

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How to reverse diabetes the natural way “The alarm bells are ringing. The CDC (Center of Disease Control) estimates that one third of all Americans will develop diabetes and will

ENERGY-INVENTIONS-MIRACLES Nikola Tesla. the famous and eccentric inventor, is quoted as saying: If you want to find the secret to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.


10 Steps Towards Health and Wellness Health: The Greatest of Human Blessings Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine expressed his thoughts succinctly when he said: A wise man should consider

Tickled Pink A sweet old elderly lady once came to my clinic, clearly in a lot of pain as she hobbled, wheezing and out of breath. She told me about

“Serendipity favours the prepared mind”. I first heard this from the late Dr. John R Lee, MD, my teacher and friend, who played basketball with our kids in the garden. The humble