The health secrets of Teta Montaha, 107 years old. For many years I had a dream to visit Lebanon, the land of the Canaanite and the Phoenicians. My knowledge consisted

How to reverse diabetes the natural way “The alarm bells are ringing. The CDC (Center of Disease Control) estimates that one third of all Americans will develop diabetes and will

10 Natural ways to increase your energy and heal your thyroid gland. In a song, “Mothers little helper”(Rolling Stones 1965) there are some lines which fits with the theme of

More Than Just Water… Most of the water on our planet consist of a combination of hexagonal units and a collection of other structural units together with free water molecules.

Restructured water, H2OPE, so much more than ordinary tap water.   Water is so much more than just two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. It is full

Tour De Sante – A Health Tour If you are a cycling fan like me, you are probably engaged in Tour de France, the greatest sporting event on the planet.

10 Steps Towards Health and Wellness Health: The Greatest of Human Blessings Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine expressed his thoughts succinctly when he said: A wise man should consider

Peak Condition – Fit As A Fiddle Pt 3 In my last blog I told you about the sad story of Jim Fixx who died at the age of 52

H2OPE- Re-structured Vital Water Pure Norwegian Future is a new technology frequency resonance invention. Once connected to the cold water pipe it will, without filters,electricity or the use of batteries

H2OPE – Re-structured Vital Water In previous articles, I have written about some unusual and to most people unknown aspects of water and structured water in particular. As the secret